Boxing Vs MMA Money

Ben Asskren:“I was One and Bellator champion and despite that I never got paid more than 200.000 Dollars per fight and in UFC the numbers didn’t exceed $ 253,500 …In front of Jake Paul I received a payment of 500.000 dollars (half a million)”Boxing Vs MMA career opportunities.In Boxing McGregor made 85+ million vs mayweather (The boxer: mayweather got 275 mill)McGregor made 5mill to fight Dustin Poirer in MMA.Boxer Canelo Alvarez signed a $365 million deal for 5yrs with DAZN. MMA P4P great Jon Jones has earned 9/10 million in his 12 year UFC career.

Kamaru Usman MMA lost his second and only fight of his professional career when tapped out to a rear naked Choke against Jose Caceres. He says the only reason he tapped was because of a 6 month medical suspension, he would get and he needed money. Usman says he had only $17 at this time. Today, 8 years later he’s one of the best, if not the best welterweights of all time with almost $3,000,000 career earnings, without ppv’s or sponsorships.MMA Uncensored Podcast