Why need Tattoo in UFC

How you present your self is up to you, whether you are a doctor with a gown, an engineer with helmet, and soldier in uniform although these are all professional costumes with some restrictions. In discussion having a tattoo on the body is a completely personal approach unlike gang member.

We should go through human psychology as childhood normally we were scared by dirty face mask even continuously learning by our environment that someone who has cuts on face and battle marks on the body it represents as horrifying personality and shows ‘ I am having a lot of experience in fighting so you should be afraid’ simply.

Not in UFC all over the world different people have different approaches for tattooing. One’s intention to be uniquely identified among the people secondly it could be used as a tag of interest.

I think the above discussion is enough to move UFC, in short fighter introduce himself or herself as brutal and It’s really compiled by opponent and normally it works.

There are a long list of MMA fighter who have tattoo on their body

Conor Mcgregor

There are a total of 8 tattoos on Conor Mcgregor’s body. Chest completely covered, some a part of neck, left hand, backside, and left leg’s backside. From bottom to top Body show’s a Tiger face, his name MCGREGOR, a picture consist of several wings cover a King Kong face with big eyebrows and strafing teeth with special crown cover neck area.

Not only the McGregor a lot of UFC members with tattoo on their body.

Come on the point why need a tattoo in UFC as a fighter. I am not expert but as far as I am concern additionally the above discussion there are many factors that cover many concerns.

Firstly the fighter introduces as vicious in psychology it’s impact 100 percent and might be helpful to overcome on an opponent, Secondly, it provides multiple dimensions to opposite fighter and could cause to be diverted. Thirdly if you are taunting on a little achievement become a mixture of body tattoo and attitude attack.

All fine if you are experienced and the opponent is a beginner but what happened when you are facing the most experienced fighter for instance historical match between McGregor vs Khabib.

I am leaving this blog at this stage and further conclusion expecting from your side please conclude in comments.