Adesanya vs Whittaker 2


Ultimate Fighting Championship main event of 271 for Middleweight division between Adesanya vs Whittaker on 13-FEB-2022 at Toyota Center.

ISREAL Adesanya

32 years Adesanya has a Height of 6′ 4″ and maintain a weight of 185 lbs. Average Fight Time is 16.56, reach up to 80″ with Switch Stance

Adesanya’s last fight with Jan Blochowicz was at least 20 pounds heavier than Adesanya and that gave him a significant power advantage but Robert Whittaker does not have the same.

I think he doesn’t have to worry about a lot of power fighting Jan Blochowicz a little bit hard to throw when you’re nervous to get hit by someone like Jan whereas Robert isn’t as scary. There’s no way rob is gonna be successful with wrestling against him.
Robert Whittaker

31 years Whittaker has a Height of 6′ 0″ and maintain a weight of 185 lbs. Average Fight Time is 13.46, reach up to 73″ with Orthodox Stance


Skill sets for Strikes Landed per Min, Adesanya has Low performance in comparison, Whittaker has High percentage further difference found Whittaker has High 0.74% in average.
Striking Accuracy of Adesanya has 0.5 High performance but Whittaker maintaining Low points 0.41 with the difference of -0.09%.
Strikes Absorbed per Minute (SApM) of Adesanya has Low efficiency of 2.59 then Whittaker and Whittaker manage High points, with a total difference of 0.75%.
Adesanya is High Defense with 0.62 % but if we look over the past performance of Whittaker assert Low with a total point of 0.61% total difference calculated -0.01%.


Total points of Takedowns Average/15 minutes for Adesanya are 0 which is Low in comparison to Whittaker. But Whittaker maintains High values of 0.64 on average
Perfection in takedown for Adesanya is 0 which is Lower than the Whittaker. Whittaker has a High point of 0.34% with a total difference of 0.34.
Takedown Defense expertise of Adesanya has Low points with 0.8 and Whittaker manage a total of 0.83 %
In Submission Average/15 Minutes., Adesanya earned a High percentage of 0.2 then Whittaker which is managing Low performance with a total difference of -0.2%

UFC 271 Countdown Adesanya vs Whittaker 2

UFC 271 showcases a rematch of one of the biggest middleweight fights of all time, as reigning king Israel Adesanya defends his title against former champion Robert Whittaker in the main event. See these athletes train and prepare for their bouts on Saturday, February 12.

These two are studs; next to GSP, really, with their character, mentality, and drive (boy would that be fun to see GSP at 185 two more times, then at 155 for Khabib, haha!); I really want Bobby Knuckles to get the w this time around. Izzy is great; no one else likes that guy, really. But, if the Reaper gets his hand raised, we get to see a third fight. Want to watch these guys fight at least three times. They’re both fucking awesome, and honestly, these two are genuinely the best 185ers since Silva. Everyone forgets, Whittaker fought two five-round wars with Romero. A turns-on, hell-bent destroyer Romero. I don’t see many fighters doing that. Fifty minutes of nearly getting knocked out each round. To come out of those fights, then to win three in a row after losing to Izzy, Whittaker is a beast.


Date League
February 12, 2022 UFC



Box Score

# Fighter Position Outcome rating
Israel Adesanya- 0
Robert Whittaker- 0