UFC 270: Ngannou vs. Gane

UFC – 270 main event between Ciryl Gane vs Francis Nannou at Houston, Texas, USA on 22-Jan-2022 at Honda Center .

UFC – 270 Vanue

The UFC returns to Honda Center in Anaheim on Saturday, January 22, with one of the biggest heavyweight title fights in MMA history headlining UFC 270, as feared knockout artist Francis Ngannou defends his crown against interim titlist Ciryl Gane. The unbeaten Gane has taken the UFC by storm since his Octagon debut in 2019, but to become the undisputed champion, he must defeat โ€œThe Predator,โ€ who owns knockout wins over Stipe Miocic, Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez. Plus, flyweight champion Brandon Moreno returns to face the man he took the title from, Deiveson Figueiredo, in their highly anticipated third meeting.

UFC 270: Ngannou vs Gane – Only One Can Be King | Official Trailer

A card to start the year!! Ngannou and Gane are an example of the bigger fighters reaching a new level. And with Jones and Stipe waiting in the wings, 2022 is shaping up to be a standout year for the heavyweights



Total fights are 19 ,16 wins, 3 Losses and draw 0. Last fight Win by Miocic Average Fight Time is 5:13, 35 years Ngannou has Height of 6′ 4″ and maintain weight 250 lbs., reach up to 83″with Orthodox Stance


Total fights are 10 ,10 wins, 0 Losses and draw 0. Last fight Win by Lewis Average Fight Time is 15.06, 31 years Gane has Height of 6′ 4″. and maintain weight 245 lbs., reach up to 81″with Orthodox Stance.


Skill sets for Strikes Landed per Mininut, Ngannou has Low performance in comparison, Gane has High percentage further difference found Gane has High 2.83% in average
Striking Accuracy of Ngannou has 0.41 Low performance but Gane maintaining High points 0.57 with difference of 0.16%.
Strikes Absorbed per Min. (SApM) of Ngannou has Low efficiency 2.04 then Gane and Gane manage High points, with total difference of 0.36%.
Ngannou is Low Defense with 0.45 % but if we look over the past performance of Gane assert High with total point of 0.62% total difference calculated 0.17%.


Total poinst of Takedowns Average/15 min for Ngannou are 0.2 which is Low in comparision of Gane. But Gane maintaing High values 0.71 in average
Perfection in takdown for Ngannou is 0.33 which is Higher then the Gane. Gane has Low points of 0.2% with total difference of -0.13.
Takedown Defense expertise of Ngannou has Low points with 0.72 and Gane manage total 1 %.
In Submission Average/15 min, Ngannou earned High percentage of 0.4 then Gane which is managing Low performance with total difference of -0.1%.

UFC 270: Ngannou vs Gane – The Destroyer & The Skillful | Fight Preview

Preview the UFC 270 title unification main event between reigning heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and current interim champ Ciryl Gane. The UFC 270 main card begins at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Saturday, January 22.

Ngannou vs Gane Fight Prediction

There are the following categories in which we found Ngannou better then Gane.

Takedown Accuracy 0.33%
Submission Average/15 min 0.4%

There are the following categories in which we found Gane better then Ngannou

Strikes Landed per Min. (SLpM) 5.37%.Striking Accuracy 0.57%.
Strikes Absorbed per Min. (SApM) 2.4%.
Defense 0.62%.
Takedowns Average/15 min 0.71%.
Takedown Defense 1%.

According to the fights history from both sides most probably 70% percent chances of Gane victory, how its possible i can explain if we look over Ngannou average time its not more then 5:38 minutes, he has only a chance to win fight by KO/TKO before ending of first round. If Gane cross the first round he will play the whole game in his control. for instance take a look back of Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic in 21 January 2018, after the first round Stipe make him completely exhausted and fight extended to 5th round and won by Stipe Miocic

Ciryl Gane Gives an All Access Look Into His Media Tour Around Paris

UFC interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane participates in a media tour around his home city of Paris. Gane faces Francis Ngannou next in the Octagon in the main event at UFC 270 on Saturday.

UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship 270 main event Ciryl Gane vs Francis Nagnnou How to purchase Fight Ticket click here

UFC 270 Francis Nagnnou Weighing

UFC 270 ciryl gane Weighing

UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane Press Conference

Farnacis Says :i’m very excited basically because it’s my first event since the uh fan base beenย back in the arena so i’m gonna fight uh in front of the crowd and just see the crowd right here right now get me very excited let’s go this is another this is a fight


Gane Says : like my formless fight i work a lot i improve a lot on my on my strength and tomorrow i’m going to impose my tempo and uh and after that we will see but everybody know already i’m pregnant so everything is possible.

UFC 270 Gane vs Naganou Fight Result


Sal D’amato

Ron McCarthy

Derek Cleary

Game was on time and reached to round 5 .Sal D’amato 46 – 49. Ron McCarthy 47 – 48. Derek Cleary 47 – 48.

Round 5 is close, I’ll admit. But Ciryl landed more and more significant shots on the feet prior to his takedown. He’s credited with two different submission attempts. Francis effectively did nothing that round except sweep Ciryl and hold him down — he looked like he might be considering an arm triangle at one point but never really committed to it. Advanced to mount but never rained down any GnP. If I’m forced to pick between some solid strikes at the beginning of the round along with a takedown and a heel hook that looked extremely close to finishing the fight versus half a round of dominant top control with little of actual substance (i.e. damage), I’ll take the former every time.

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UFC 270: Francis Ngannou Octagon Interview

Congrats to Francis for his win, hard work, and change up and improvement of skill as a fighter. Dana needs to let this guy live his dreams and allow him to box outside the UFC instead of holding him down. It’s corporate evil greed that holds people and their dreams back.

UFC 270: Ciryl Gane Octagon Interview

I strongly believe Gane will be a champion in the future. Heโ€™s still really early in his career, only had 10 fights. Heโ€™ll be back.
This fight really shows how good they both are. Ngannou was steam rolling through everyone in less than 2 rounds and knocking them out cold, but had to wrestle to beat Gane. Gane is always so in control of the fight but we saw him get outwrestled and be put on his back for a large part of the fight.
Ciryl is a stud, one of the most humble and respectful guys in the UFC. Seriously, I wanna be like this guy when Iโ€™m a big man all grown up.