Conor McGregor Vs Dustin Poirier Ufc-257

Pre-Fight Discussion

The event between Khabib and Justin Gaethje was the last main event now after 5 months it would be the most interesting and popular on rating, Yes King is back Mc Gregor with Dustin Poirier for UFC 257 on Sunday 23-Jan-2021, But not the first time, it was an evening of event UFC178 September 28, 2014,  at MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, Unites state, same faces in octagon and won by Mc Gregor

Post-Fight Discussion

watch full fight Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 2

Conor McGregor Vs Dustin Poirier Ufc-257 Fight result

Referee herb dean is called a stop to this contest at two minutes 32 seconds of round number two
declaring the winner by TKO Dustin the diamond

Dustin Poirier won the main event of Ultimate Fight Champion 257.

Conor McGregor Vs Dustin Poirier Ufc-257 Fight review

After the completion of the flight’s first-round, it takes only two minutes and 32 seconds of the 2’nd round when the referee herb dean called to stop the fight at this moment Dustin TKO to Mc Gregor and finally won the fight event of the lightweight division.

If we look over the significant strike from both sides, It has not much difference between McGregor with 43 and Dustin has 52. Dustin looks much confident in the second round of the fight and shows some winning funny movement during the second round. McGregor completely destroy his legs and was unable to make proper fight position in octagon.

Remember McGregor kicked this Pole with his shins.Why is that?Cause at UFC 257 his leg was quickly destroyed by those Leg Kick.So now he is making his shins stronger by kick Heavy Bag and this Pole .
And as much Dustin can Leg kick Conor ,Conor can Leg Kick Dustin.Its not like Dustin is a Magical Calf Kicker himself has experienced Leg Kicks from Gaetjhe.
Dustin Poirier Post Fight Press Conference.


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Date League Season
January 23, 2021 UFC UFC 257 Main Card 


Etihad Arena
Dubai Emirate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Conor McGregor0564300Loss

Box Score

# Fighter Position Outcome rating
Conor McGregor- 0