Ultimate Fight Championship, UFC 259 Early Prelims between Lívia Renata Souza vs Amanda Lemos On 07-Mar-2021, 4:00 AM at UFC Apex Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Title: Clash of the Brazilian Titans – Livia Renata Souza vs. Amanda Lemos

In this eagerly awaited UFC showdown, two of Brazil’s fiercest female fighters, Livia Renata Souza and Amanda Lemos, step into the octagon to prove their dominance in the strawweight division. Both fighters have impressive records, and the anticipation surrounding this bout is at an all-time high.

Round 1:

As the bell rings, Livia Renata Souza and Amanda Lemos come out of their corners with confidence, their eyes locked on each other with a mix of respect and determination. Lemos, known for her striking prowess, looks to establish her range early, utilizing sharp jabs and powerful leg kicks. Souza, on the other hand, is known for her grappling skills, and she looks to close the distance and take the fight to the ground.

Lemos demonstrates her superior striking technique, connecting with clean combinations that test Souza’s defensive skills. However, Souza’s toughness is on full display, as she absorbs the shots and counters with her own powerful punches. The first round ends with both fighters landing significant strikes, leaving the judges with a tough task in scoring this close round.

Round 2:

In the second round, Souza changes her approach and attempts to close the distance more frequently. She presses forward with relentless determination, looking to take Lemos down to the mat. Lemos, aware of Souza’s grappling abilities, circles and pivots with grace, attempting to keep the fight standing where she feels most comfortable.

The crowd erupts as Lemos catches Souza with a perfectly timed knee as she dives in for a takedown. The shot momentarily stuns Souza, but she quickly recovers and drives forward, securing a takedown against the cage. Souza transitions smoothly into side control and begins to work her ground-and-pound game.

Round 3:

Entering the third round, the fight is still up for grabs, and both fighters know they must leave everything in the octagon. Lemos maintains her composure, sticking to her crisp striking technique, while Souza continues to pressure and search for opportunities to take the fight to the mat.

Lemos’ takedown defense proves to be impressive, and she manages to keep the fight in her comfort zone for the majority of the round. Souza, desperate for a takedown, tries various setups, but Lemos showcases her improved wrestling defense, denying Souza each time.

As the final seconds tick away, the two warriors exchange blows in a display of heart and determination, much to the delight of the roaring crowd.

Livia Renata Souza vs. Amanda Lemos Decision:

As the fight comes to an end, the judges’ scorecards reveal a close and competitive battle. After a thrilling three-round war, the judges declare Amanda Lemos the winner by a narrow split decision. Both fighters embrace in the center of the octagon, showing mutual respect for each other’s skills and heart.

This hypothetical matchup between Livia Renata Souza and Amanda Lemos would undoubtedly be a spectacle, showcasing the best of Brazilian MMA talent in the UFC’s strawweight division.


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March 7, 2021 UFC UFC 259 Early Prelims





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