Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington


Ultimate Fighting Championship event Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington in Las Vegas on 6 March 2022

What did Jorge Masvidal do to Colby Covington?

Masvidal was wearing a surgical mask and hoodie when he sucker-punched Covington, according to Slater. Masvidal could face felony battery charges from the incident, according to the police report. Covington reportedly ran back into the steakhouse after multiple males tried to get involved in the altercation

What did Covington say about Masvidals kids?

Wassup, I’m from Day County. You talk that s*** you’ve got to back it up. That’s how my city rolls, man.” In a tweet aimed at Covington, who made jabs about Masvidal’s children in the lead-up to their fight, Masvidal said “Good morning to everyone except those that think talking about someone’s kids is cool.”


March 6, 2022

Box Score

# Fighter Position Outcome rating
Colby Covington- 0