Pre – Fight

If you watched the Nunes vs Cyborg  Cyborg fought dumb but went down swinging. I’m not convinced Nunes could do it again. Cyborg has fought smarter since and there is no one in Bellator anywhere near her and no one in UFC is close to Nunes. Run it back
If the division had moved on to an interim or new champ, Pena wouldn’t even be getting a title shot. She is not on a win streak, in fact she is only getting the title shot because Amanda is champ. Pena is the only ranked 135er who has yet to fight Nunes, that’s why she’s next. Holm vs DeRandemie or Tate would have definitely been chosen over her.
Instead of acting so entitled, Pena should be thankful for Amanda & quietly wait for her to return, she owes her for this gift title shot.


I think the work that Amanda has put in with Kayla Harrison is going to pay off. Unless Pena has made some adjustments in her stand up I see her possibly getting caught by Amanda on the way in. Pena can be a little reckless moving forward and Amanda is very good at capitalizing on those types of mistakes.

Pena’ charges forward swinging wildly with chin up. You don’t lose those bad habits over night or one training camp. Her wrestling will do nothing to Nunes….its a wrap already. Amanda Nunes by severe bludgeoning

Let see what happens.


POST – Fight


UFC 269
Women Bantamweight·Co-main

Amanda Nunes 

21 – 5 – 0

Fight Result

Amanda Nunes Vs Julianna Pena
UFC 269
12 – 4 – 0
Submission · R2 03:26
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0 Knockdowns 0


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0 Submission attempts 1

UFC 269: Julianna Peña Octagon Interview

Definitely, Juliana Pena had intangibles to pull this off and glad she is having her moment of respect. Juliana made defeat to undefeated by her skilled full movement and finally become Newly UFC bantamweight champion in lass Vegas Ultimate Fight championship 269 event.

UFC 269: Amanda Nunes Octagon Interview

Before this fight Amanda compile a historical UFC journey with undefeated status

People around the octagon appreciate Amanda’s humbleness and graciousness in defeat. But need cut to the chase, this performance from Amanda was downright baffling, as this was her fight to lose.A good woman. So much class and dignity, and her being a mum has really lit her up. she looks so happy and her perspective on everything seems so good.

Many people believed that it was shocking. Amanda literally broke by Juliana Pena. That choke was not even in. Seemed like similar to the cyborg fight but in reverse. She took some good shots then abandoned all strategy and just tried to kill Pena then gassed

UFC 269: Julianna Peña Post-Fight Press Conference

Congratulations to Julianna Pena, for a great upset. Her confidence and smile is infectious and I had a feeling that Amanda was in trouble. She shocked the MMA world. Much respect to Julianna and Amanda lost like a Champ. When nobody gives you a chance but you believe in yourself is truly an amazing thing to watch.


Date League Season
December 12, 2021 UFC UFC 269


AMANDA NUNES051461000Loss

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