Season: UFC 189

UFC 189



Ultimate Fight champion UFC 189 on 12-JUL-2015 at MGM Grand Garden Arena between Chad Mendas vs Conor McGregor, Won by McGregor

UFC 189: Mendes vs McGregor | International Fight Week Flashback

140,540 views 22 Jun 2022 Relive some of the best moments from UFC International Fight Week 2015, headlined by an interim featherweight title bout between Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes, in anticipation of the tenth annual IFW festivities coming to the Las Vegas strip on June 27.

Just realize Conor shows me height difference matters, he is big and tall for a featherweight, Chad is small but wide, which makes him a big fighter for a small person the same build as Faber but still, he has great wrestling but defended and got back up, he seems like Jones in this division but without reach, the only small fighter I’ve seen who knows how to get in and out of his range or know how to fight taller guys to be precise is Chandler.